Q: Are there annuals in perennimix?

A: No, annuals grow too aggressively and quickly at the expense of the perennials.  They also do not reseed as well and throw off the chemistry of the mix. 


Q: Is Perennimix made of entirely native plant species?

A: No, Perennimix follows a more ecological approach of plant species from similar habitats, even though they may be from different areas of the world. 


Q: Well are the plant species you selected invasive?

A: No, they are carefully selected so that the species will form a perfect harmony, no invasive plant species are used at all according to USDA guidelines.


Q: Can I plant my Perennimix in the shade or semi-shaded areas?

A: No, these mixes are designed from the great wildflower sites of the world, which are all full sun (at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day).


Q: Why are the mixes so expensive?

A: Perennimixes cost more than conventional wildflower mixes because they are heavy on flower seeds, instead of filling our mixes with high amounts of grasses and other 'fillers'.  Other wildflower seed mixes often contain weeds, with very small amounts of wildflowers at all.  We also do not use annual seeds, and use seed that we know will do well and flower profusely.  Many of our seeds are also imported from other countries, the cost of which can amount.  Yet, we offer packets to allow homeowners to try out a small section for a reasonable price for a world-inspired look.  Per area, Perennimix is actually much more cost effective than traditional perennial and meadow areas, both in startup costs and maintenance. 


Q: Will I still have to do weed my meadow or garden if it is comprised of perennimix?

A: Occasional weeding is necessary, especially in the first year, but should be done by spot spraying with weed killer.  Once the high concentration of perennials is achieved after the first year, minimal weeding is needed. 


Q: How do I care for my Perennimix?

A: Your Perennimix should be string trimmed with a weedwacker in mid-February.  All of the excess plant material should be shaken vigorously to drop seeds into the meadow or bed, and then removed.  If you are fortunate enough to live in an area that allows prescribed burning, this should be done at the same time, and will drastically reduce competition from weeds but will not hurt the perennials in the mix as their native habitats are areas used to regular wildfire.  This is really all you need to do to your meadow or bed. 



Q: When will my Perennimix achieve full blooms?

A: You will see a lot of color the first year, however, the real show begins in the second year of growth.


Q: Will there really be color all season?

A: Yes!  They are designed to do such!