A Bold Take on Naturalistic Plantings

Perennimix employs the practice of creating meadows and gardens from seed with herbaceous perennials and grasses in high density.  Our seed mixes are designed to provide continual blooms throughout the season, with overlapping bloom times from different species playing an integral part of this process.  It is necessary to establish these plantings from seed to attain a high density of plant materials, in order to allot rhythm and structure within the mix, but also to allow no place for weeds to establish (the method in which this is done to the greatest effect is explained in the 'how-to' section).

Perennimix also creates an ethereal experience to homeowners and municipalities by drawing on feelings of nostalgia from the world’s most beautiful wildflower sites.  Each mix is meant to purvey a world wildflower site.  Many of these sites have a naturally occurring structure and color palette, which is exaggerated within the mix to execute the concept.  Design intent is an important factor in Perennimix, as if a species endemic to a wildflower region does not perform well in the northeast, or its habit lends itself as a noxious weed, other species are selected with similar plant habits, bloom times, colors and leaf structure. 

The concept of designing meadows for an everlasting bloom period while adhering to a specific color palette is a new concept developed in the United States.  We invite you to peruse our designed mixes located in the tab above, and bring home some of the last great remaining wildflower meadows.